On the coming  Sunday we celebrate worship service together. We are also thrilled to welcome Edmund in our community, and to ask for God’s blessing in his and his family’s life. There will be children’s church, fika, worship, fellowship, prayer, teaching, and everything else that goes with it.

There are some important things to know. Starting time is shifted to 3 pm, we will be in the church hall and we will start exat on the clock. Please come in good time, enjoy a coffee and a chat with someone or help out with prayer for the worship service. The service itself will be more comprehensive with less information and other things around it. Zarah will lead worship and I will preach about the power in a life lived close to Jesus.

We want to be a welcoming and inviting church. This is a very good opportunity to bring some friends, school or work colleagues or others. We will be ready at 17 so there is a better opportunity to do something together and also socialize after the service for those who wish.

If you do not usually go as often or just come to visit sometimes take the opportunity to join in and celebrate that the church are growing and that we are looking for new ways forward.

See you on Sunday!


/ Ulf