Mission is something that every Church and every Christian is involved in continuously. It is not about any particular activity distinct from everything else you do as a Christian or as a Church but is included as part of the innermost meaning of these two words.

Part of our vision is to be a church that reaches out with the good news of liberation and restoration in all areas of life in Jesus to the people around us in Umeå, in Sweden and in the world. This takes the practical expression in different ways. Some are listed below.

Projects in Sweden

We want to support social and evangelical work in Umeå and the rest of Sweden. Vineyard is a Church-planting movement and we want to live in this also in Umeå Vineyard. One way that this becomes reality localy is our longing to plant new homegroups in Umeå, but also because we long to have the opportunity to plant a new church somewhere in Sweden.

Projects Abroad

Umeå vineyard has a long time comittment to support two different works abroad. So far we have mainly been able to  do this by regular financial support, but also by occasional visits to one of the places we support. We hope to go and visit also the other work and be able to help a little more in the not too distant future.

The first is a church plant in Odessa, Ukraine. A church planted by Vineyard Norden.

The other is Kasempa Compassionate Vineyard, a Church in Zambia. We support their work among children orphaned by AIDS. The Kasempa Compassionate Vineyard helps many of the children with food regularly, and also pays the school fees for some of them.