We put a very high value on the small group.

Our church is relatively small and familiar, but even in a small church, it is difficult to know everyone. In order to enable us to live in community, and to make sure that everyone is seen and helped to grow in discipleship, as an individual and in the relationships with God, the church is divided into home groups. The home groups are also open for those who have not yet become Christians but who want to discover what it means to be a Christian, and who long to grow into the Christian community of faith.

A home group consists of about 6-12 people and gathers each week, usually on Wednesday evenings, in someone’s home. What we do varies from group to group, and night to night, but often we have coffee together, say something about how the day or week has been, pray and sing to God, read the Bible or discuss something and pray for each other. Sometimes we go out and do something completely different!

The Church currently has four home groups. These four groups meet at various places in the city at different times (but usually somewhere in Ålidhem, Sofiehem, east of the town and Umedalen). We hope to soon be able to start a fifth group. We also have a Family Home group, a Celebrate Recovery group and an Alpha group started right now.

If you have questions or want to be in a house group you can contact the pastor and home group coordinator Ulf Dagerbrant.