Sunday Service every second Sunday at 4pm

At the Salvation Army, Kungsgatan 47B. Longer break during the summer, shorter during Christmas and New Year.

The worship service is the occasion of the week when the whole Church come together as a family. Getting to the service should be like coming home. Our worship services consists basically of four main parts.

Worship – Through the song and music we express our faith, our love and our gratitude to God. Worship is our most important calling, and singing is an awesome opportunity to express this. We want all our lives to become a hymn of praise to God.

Community – Fika is a natural part of our worship. We want to make room for the important meeting between people in the congregation.

Sermon – We believe the Bible is the word of God and that God speaks through His word to us today. We want to communicate our faith in a way that makes the message understandable and easy to put into practice.

Prayer and intercession – At every Sunday Service we want to give the opportunity to those who wish to receive intercession. We believe that God through the Holy Spirit can and wants to meet our needs.

The weeks when we are not celebrating Sunday Service, we usually celebrate the Communion and pray together or do something else together from 4pm. We meet almost always at the Salvation Army (except when we are away on Church Camp or worship with another congregation). Keep an eye out here on the website to know what we do each Sunday.