An Alpha course is an introductory course in Christian faith. The course runs for 10 nights + one weekend.

The course is for anyone who is curious about what the Christian faith stands for and who want to meet others to discuss their thoughts about life’s questions.

The evenings begin with dinner. We eat together and then we listen to the evenings lecture on one central Christian beliefs. After that its time for coffee/tea and cake and time for all kinds of questions, thoughts and concerns.
Examples of topics:

Who is Jesus?
Why and how should I pray?
How to hear God?
Why did Jesus have to die?
Does God Heal Today?

Here you can se a short introductionfilm about Alpha. You can see an other one if you click on the  alpha slide on the first page of this site.
If you want to know more or perhaps sign up for a course, please email: or Ulf Dagerbrant.