“It started as a jewish sect 2000 years ago”, one member of the Church usually say when asked about what the Vineyard are. With that, he wants to emphasize that the Vineyard simply is just a small twig on the tree that the Christian church represents (and on the ramified branch that the Protestant churches represent.)

The Vineyard movement started in 70-ies in California. During a time when many people without a church background was moved by God an unconventional and relaxed way of being church appeared and came  to inspire many. One of the fruits of this exciting time is the Vineyard movement.

Vineyard is an evangelical movement which among other things means an emphasis on personal conversion, the Bible as the Word of God, that Jesus died for our sins and that outreach activities should  incorporates both to preach the gospel and to help those who are struggling in different ways. Central to our interpretation of the Bible is Jesus and his teaching about the “kingdom of God”. The kingdom of God is  what happens when God regains power in a world turned away from Him. This means, among other things an openness and expectation that God intervenes in everyday life, also in ways that are supernatural. We have a strong emphasis on relationships, which includes both the personal encounter with and experience of God, fellowship with each other and care for each other and the people we meet. We also think it is of great importance to worship God, to give honor to Him, and let our lives be a worship song to Him. We are a relatively young movement and try to find ways to to do things that we ourselves enjoy and that are natural in the society we live in.


John Wimber was one of the early leaders of the Vineyard movement and he became its leader for many years. He was a master of “one-liners” and a click here will take you to a page where we have collected some of them.