Belief in the biblical sense is something much more than simply keep something for true. Instead it’s about an attitude towards life, the world, each other, to ourselves, and not least towards God. It is about being reckoned with and put trust in God, to trust God in everyday life, to build a relationship with Him, and that over time more and more let that relationship shape everything we are and everything we do. That this is a reality in our lives is our deepest longings.

Umeå Vineyard is an evangelical charismatic church. This means that we believe that the Bible is true in what it teaches and that we expect God to do things in a supernatural way, and want to meet people for restoration, deliverance, healing and for a new wholeness. Wherever the kingdom of God is active the limitations of this world disappear and God’s supernatural reality takes over. The mission that Jesus said that He came to perform – to restore and spread the kingdom of God in this world – is now the Church’s responsibilities as the body of Christ and our desire is that together we will grow in this mission.

We confess to the classical Christian faith, which we share with other Christian churches and communities, and whick was early formulated in the Apostles’ Creed and the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed.

The Vineyard movement has also written a Statement of Faith regarding how the movement perceives the basic biblical truths, and we support this statement.

Under the heading “Most important” you will find some more information about what we think and believe to be the core of all Christian faith.