Umeå Vineyard is a relatively small and familial congregation. Some of the things that distinguishes us is a life close community, a strong social commitment and responsibility, praise and worship, and we always want to seek God’s presence and supernatural touching when we meet. On this website you can read a bit more about what we believe, what we want and what we do. You are most welcome to come and visit us and if you feel comfortable is room also right for you.

1999 moved to Umeå 5 people to plant a Vineyard church and a few years later founded the congregation. We always meet every Sunday at. 3:00 pm. The Salvation Army premises on Main Street 47B. Every second Sunday we celebrate worship together and other Sundays we do something else (usually it is communion and prayer or some kind of Bible study and / or potluck). Today, we are about 60 adults and 20 children and adolescents who count Umeå Vineyard as their church.

We hope to be a church with an open atmosphere and high ceilings where communion with Jesus and with each other is the key.

Umeå Vineyard is in Umeå Christian Council and work there along with all the other churches in Umeå to awaken faith in Jesus and meet the different needs of people in Umeå.

You are also welcome to help!