How the Church is led

Ulf Dagerbrant is since March 2011 pastor of the congregation. This means that he leads the work of the church leaders’ team, who collectively make decisions vision, program and organization of the church. The team currently consists of Iain Brown, Zarah Nestander Varsi, David Wiljebrand and Ulf Dagerbrant. Major decisions are discussed with the congregation through the home groups or church meetings.

The home groups are small churches in the church, small groups where much of what takes place in the church happens. All members in the church are also associated with a homegroup.

Different areas of the church’s work are also overseen by different appointed ledares. To find out who is responsible for what, talk to the pastor or one of the home group leaders.

As much as possible we try to cooperate with studieförbundet Bilda.

The Church’s board

In order to manage economic and legal issues, there is also an association Umeå Vineyard. At the annual meeting each spring a board is elected. Currently it looks like this: Lars Petersson, Jonas Mattebo, Tomas Boman, Marie-Louise Lindman, Tobias Eriksson and Oskar Lindman as alternates. The pastor is a board appointee. The Board helps the church leaders team with management by responsibility for the economic and legal questions but do not lead the congregation in terms of vision and direction.


All the Church’s activities are funded almost exclusively by donations from the congregation members and others who think that what the Church does is good and important. If you want to contribute with a gift to the church, you can make a payment to our PlusGiro 1408994-0, or put money in one of the blue boxes that are usually found in front of the fika table during the church services. On the Contact page you can also find a little information about how you can do to support the Church’s work online.


Umeå Vineyard belongs to Vineyard Norden denomination, which is a network of churches united by relationships and common values, and which forms part of the international Vineyard movement. The Swedish Vineyard part constitute Vineyard Sverige.

The Vineyard movement in Sweden is part of Sweden’s Christian Council, and Umeå Vineyard is part of Umeå Christian Council.