God loves everyone so much that He Himself became man. He allowed himself to be born in a stable like a normal baby and they called Him Jesus. He grew up and lived as a man for giving us an example of how a good life should be lived. Jesus then died on the cross in our place 2000 years ago. Even though it’s so long ago, it is still up to date because He conquered death, arose and live today. He wants us to live with Him and gives us, every one, the opportunity to do so. When we choose to follow Him, we will experience relief from all that binds and redress from anything that would hold us back and put us down.

In the Gospel of John 3:16 expressed it this way: “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

This is good news for us, and for all people at all times. The meaning of life is to know God and to live in communion with Him. To not do so is to miss the target.

That God loves us, you and me, and want to have fellowship with us is the most important in life. We want to show our gratitude to Him by constantly having him in the center and along live in His love. If you have not yet chosen to follow Him, there is nothing to stop you doing that right now. (Do you feel hesitant and / or want to know more, you are more than welcome to contact someone in the congregation or come to any of our collections).