As usual, it happens a lot in the church and in our individual lives 🙂 During the weekend, Anna and I went to Jävre outside Piteå to preach in Kustkyrkan where Marcus and Ida are. They sent there greetings to everyone in Umeå Vineyard and it was really fun to see a rather large church in a rather small village. It was also so good to be able to teach about our identity in Christ, that we need to learn to care for and honor each other because we are all bearers of the Holy Spirit. Now on Sunday I have the pleasure of sharing the Word of God in Björkstakyrkan. Please pray that the Spirit may work in people’s hearts. It will be about the liberating and  freeing power of Jesus and the identity that the Father gives us. Things that we  actually have talked a lot about in the church this last year. It is good and a blessing to share things we have ad the grace to start to see with others.
In the afternoon we have Communion at the Salvation Army as usual at 3PM and after that we go to Valborgsmässofirande on Lantvallen with barbecue, fire and all other things that belong to celebrating spring.

/ Ulf