This week is characterized bit of tranquility. Last week’s blessed visit of BSSM (Wednesday) and the family Sandström (Sunday), together with terrorist attacks and an approaching Easter created a certain need for rest and recovery. Do take the opportunity to relax and rest in the presence of our Father during the week to come. In fact this week is called the quiet week.

We will not have a church service of our own this weekend, but do as we always do, and do Easter together with many other churches. The program for Easter can be found below.

As usual, we will take the opportunity to do a ”walk up a hill” together as a church during Good Friday but the actual place is not yet decided. More information will come in the mail so dont miss that. We will not have a Celebrate Recovery this week. On Easter Saturday we make a simple outreach by handing out Easter eggs in the City center with the usual “You are loved” hearts enclosed.




Skärtorsdag: 19:00                    Betelkyrkan, Getsemannegudstjänst m. Nattvard, Leif  Holm predikar

Långfredag:   11:00                    Frälsningsarmén, Gudstjänst, Ulf predikar.

Långfredag    15:00                    Vi går uppför en kulle, återkommer om plats
Påskafton        14:00-15:00     Outreach, samling utanför Frälsningsarmén
Påskdagen:    11:00                    Betelkyrkan, Gudstjänst, Emelie Lau predikar