A lot of exciting things are happening in the church this week. To begin with, we have a large team from Bethel in Redding California visitingon Wednesday. The schedule for this is to be found in a special FB event and on our homepage umea.vineayrd.se To begin with we are in Vasa kyrkan at 10:30 AM. In the afternoon we will have a seminar with Mark Brookes at UBC 4:30 pm and in the evening at 7 PM we have a great evening meeting also in UBC. On Thursday we have Celebrate Recovery. It will be the last time before Easter, so make sure you get there to see what it is. On Sunday we have a visit from Marcus Sandström who is now leading Kustkyrkan in Jävre outside Piteå. Marcus and his wife Ida were former members of Umeå Vineyard. They moved to Uppsala to start a church and now after some years, they are back in the North. It will be very nice to meet them again.
Onsdag 10:00 fika i Vasakyrkan
Onsdag 10:30 Lovsång och sedan seminarier i Vasakyrkan
Onsdag 16:30 Seminarium i UBC (om Bethel och BSSM)
Onsdag 19:00 Kvällsmöte i UBC
Torsdag 19:00 Celebrate Recovery i Frälsningsarmen
Lördag 10:30 Ekumenisk bön för Umeå i Frälsningsarmen
Söndag 15:00 Gudstjänst med besök av Marcus Sandström på Frälsningsarmen