This Sunday a lot of great things happens in Church and I will soon get back to this. First I just want to remind you all about the Prayerweek. Its right now and today Grisbackakyrkan are responsible for the program and I will teach in the evening. You are all very welcome! you will find the full program and som more information on http://ukrumea.se.
Now, lets turn to the coming Sunday! I’m really excited to think of all the good thing that will happened. First of all Dalkarlså Lovsångslinje will visit and lead worship and Lasse P will preach. Secondly, Skellefteå Vineyard will come to visit. We will increase our collaboration with them and this is the first time for this semester that they are here so it is very much the start of something new for us as a Church. Thirdly we will welcome and pray fore some new members and that is always such a precious moment and a party. And the fourth is that our new Children- and Family pastors are just back from an exciting education in Oslo full of inspiration. I have a great feeling about the Childrens Church! In short, it will be a very exciting Sunday and I’m very curious about what God had in store for us all. Do not miss it!
If you are thinking about joining our Celebrate Recovery program, now is the time. Next week we will start all over again from the beginning. Its time to give it a try. Talk to Ulf Dagerbrant if you are thinking about it.
Lördag 10:30 Frälsningsarmén Ekumenisk bön för Umeå
Söndag 15:00 Frälsningsarmén Gudstjänst med gäster från Skellefteå och Dalkarlså Folkhögskola
Tis-Tor Kväll Hemgrupper  på olika ställen vid olika tider
Torsdag 18:00 Celebrate Recovery (Nyuppstart)
Lördag 10:30 Frälsningsarmén Ekumenisk bön för Umeå
Söndag 15:00 Frälsningsarmén Bön och Nattvard (film för barnen)