Exept for homegrpups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, this is how the next weeks will look like.
Lördag 3/12 10:30 Ekumenisk bön i Frälsningsarmén
Söndag 4/12 15:00 Gudstjänst (terminens sista)
Måndag 5/12 18:00 Celebrate Recovery i Frälsningsarmén
Tisdag 6/12 19:00 Bön för församlingen och Umeå hemma hos Erik och Ida.
Lördag 10/12 10:30 Ekumenisk bön i Frälsningsarmén
Söndag 11/12 15:00 Nattvard och bön
Måndag 12/12 18:00 Celebrate Recovery i Frälsningsarmén
Lördag 17/12 10:30 Ekumenisk bön i Frälsningsarmén
Söndag 18/12 15:00 Julfest
and in english…
Time flyes and it goes quickly towards Christmas but it happens nonetheless many exciting things in our Church. Above you can see the schedule for the coming weeks up to Christmas. This Sunday we meet for worship service. Ulf preaches about how to resist the devil. In addition, there is a brief summary of everything that’s happened during the semester and a little about what the spring term might look like. There will be children’s church with Iain and Stina. Marie-Louise and Oskar leads worship and there will be fika, prayer and everything else that goes with it. This is the last full service of this semester. Would it not be wonderful if we filled the Church! 🙂 Come and bring your family and friends, or why not someone that you find on the way to Church!!
14 days ago, we had a prayer meeting instead of service. It was a long time ago and it really felt that it was about time. The strategic prayer at a church works for a congregation very much like the engine room of a ship. That’s where the power is generated for all that the congregation is and does. We also pray for protection, prosperity and security for the Churches activities and members. We will start praying for the congregation and for Umeå regularly, probably once a week. The next opportunity will be already on Tuesday at the home of Erik and Ida. More info to come in a separate email.
See you on Sunday!