The new year kicks off and we have a really exciting time ahead of us. We are making great progress as a church and we meet new challenges. All this because we want God’s kingdom to grow and that His will shall be done in our lives, in Umeå and in the world. We get to be a small part of all the good things God is doing in a time that otherwise might seem pretty dark. We may be a small lighthouse that shows a different way of life, other values ​​and priorities, other life patterns, and last but not least, on Jesus himself.
Here’s a quick update of what’s happening this week …
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the haem in different places in the Umeå. Do not know where or when to meet, so check with your hemgruppsledare. If you are not yet a member of any homegroup, but would like to try to contact me on ulf.dagerbrant@vineyard.se.
Saturday 10:30am is the ecumenical prayer for Umeå in the Salvation Army. All are welcome.
Saturday 12:00 to 21:30 organizes Credo and the Pentecostal Church a unique one-day conference completely free of charge at the Pentecostal Church. It’s called “Understanding and Answering Islam” and the goal is to give Christians a little knowledge of Islam so that we can meet Muslims, newly arrived or not, with knowledge and love! Programs and other info available on: korta.nu/understanding. Jesper Kronhamn (Credo) says: “It will be absolutely top notch!”
Sunday 3:00pm we celebrate this years first worship service with Umeå Vineyard in the Salvation Army. There will be Children’s Church, snacks, teaching, worship, prayer, and just about everything else that goes with it. We will also start this semesters teaching theme ”coming into function” and Emil will tell about his visit in Kasempa. Welcome!
Saturday 13/2 we host a full day around praise and worship. It begins at 9 am with praise and worship and ends at 19 with more praise and worship. Several lovely and interesting speakers and worship leaders will be involves, among them Åsa and Mike Fhinn, Lars Petersson and David Willgren. More information and a poster will be posted on our website shortly. Do not miss this day, it will be so good!