We have just returned from a lovely Church Camp! God met us strongly and I think that He both gave and confirmed His gifts to us on Saturday evening. I also think God challenged many of us to be more outgoing in our faith and to see many other people with new eyes. Let us take with us the question of what we can do to see the kingdom of God more in Umeå, also among the most needy.
Today (Wednesday) begins our homegroups. This first week there will be two active groups and everyone is welcome to join any of them, whether it’s your ordinary group or not. The groups that will be running is the one on Ålidhem, this semester led by Emma and Solveig and the one on Västerhiskegruppen led by Anna and Ulf. Take the opportunity to attend a group you do not normally go to. 🙂
On Sunday there will be Worship Service at 16 Frälsis.
/ Ulf