Tuesday – Celebrate Recovery
Wednesday – home groups
Thursday – Alpha
Saturday – Prayer for Umeå 10:30 Frälsis
Sunday – Worship 16:00 in Frälsis with visit by Michael Grenholm from Uppsala
Also this week it will be a little smaller Vineyard Weekly. We have had a fantastic Easter with lots of exciting meetings and church services. I have not participated in all but been on quite a lot and I feel that I have received the Easter message in a delightful way. Christ is risen – YES HE IS RISEN INDEED! It is good to bring this with us into the rest of the spring. The resurrection power that worked in Him can also work in us.
The week ahead is also full of exciting things. (See above).
A few reminders …
It’s time to register for summer camp in Mullsjö on 12-18/7 Visit the website sc.vineyardnorden.org and do it.
Important worship service on Sunday with inspiration and challenge to live the full message ofJesus.
Do not forget to check the website often. Where exciting stuff happens there often nowadays.