Monday         – Homegroupleaders meeting
Tuesday         – Alpha Course
Wednesday   – Easter Drama at Bethel Church
–                       – House groups
Thursday       – Passover with Johan, 18:00
–                      – Getsemanekväll with communion in the Salvation Army 19:00
Friday            – We go up a hill together and remember Jesus walking
–                             up Calvary, Hamptjärnstugan 11:00, bring your own
–                             refreshments.
–                        – Chapel Pentecostal Church 11:00
Saturday        – 11:30 Liturgy in the Church of the Advent
Sunday           – Ecumenical Easter Sunday church service in cruciform church 11:00
–                        – Resurrection party at Lantvallen 3pm
Now, Easter is here and with it lots of opportunities to be together and socialize and celebrate our master’s death and resurrection. We are already in the middle of the week and this is therefore a short and somewhat different Vineyard Weekly.Several of the churches in town tend to go together and celebrate Easter together. We are among them, and therefore much of what takes place during Easter is ecumenical. At the bottom is a poster where all the ecumenical meetings are listed. Above you can see both the ecumenical meetings as well as those that are just for us. Those that are just for us, hopefully in bold style.
Påsk2015 bild.jpg