Wednesday    – Homegroup
Friday             –  Andrea and Erik getting married at 6pm
Saturday         –  Prayer for Umeå at 10:30am
–                        – Credoweekend at 9:30am
–                        – Ecumenical Worship party at 6pm
Söndag             – Worship Service at 4pm


Again, we have a week full of exciting events and opportunities to meet God. On Friday Andrea and Eric who recently started to attend our Umeå Vineyard are getting married. Everyone is welcome join in the ceremony and celebrate with them. ☺ On Saturday, besides prayer for Umeå and ecumenical worship celebration there will also be a Credo weekend. You can read more below, but it’s an exciting weekend and day and Saturday is full of interesting teaching. After lunch, I am doing a classic vineyard workshop to train ourselves to use gifts of the spirit. The weekend is open to anyone who wants to take part. The week then ends with the Sunday Service and the final part of “Jesus most important message.” Eventually we arrive at what the confrontation that the kingdom of Gid triggers in this world actually looks like.

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to again tell about our new and very functional website. You can find it on To get it even more inviting, I would like someone to take some nice photos that we could use. It would also be good if someone made some short film clips about the church and about why we like to go there. Two-three clips of two-three minutes. Do you feel creative and fancy to do either photos or video or both, please contact me.


Home groups – Wednesday 25th March

The home groups is the foundation for most of what we do in the congregation, and they usually meet once a week at various locations in Umeå. We meet to socialize and share a bit of everyday life with each other, pray with and for each other, read the Bible, sing praises to God and have coffee together. Usually we meet on Wednesdays between the hours. 19:00 and 21:00, but it can be both other times and other days. If you do not know where and when your particular home group will meet next time, please contact your home group leader. If you are not yet a member of any group of buildings but would like to test to see how it is, you can contact Ulf E-mail: or on your mobile: 073-1531611.


Wedding of Andrea and Eric – Friday 27th March at. 18:00

Anyone who wants to can participate in the wedding of Andrea and Erik, who started going to Umeå Vineyard a few months ago. The wedding will be in the Salvation Army and the time is 18:00. Please come and join and bless them on their wedding day ☺


Ecumenical prayer for Umeå – Saturday, March 28th at 10:30

Every Saturday morning noon. 10:30 meet Umeå churches in the Salvation Army to pray for Umeå and for all the people and churches and places in our city. This is a ecumenical gathering and we are warmly invited to join in and pray.


Credoday open to everyone – Saturday 28th March at. 09:30

The student association Credo have an entire weekend in Carlskyrkan. Saturday is open to everyone and contains lots of exciting good teaching. Just go and take part. The program looks like below.

9:30 Welcome.

Christian on Campus. Jesper Kronhamn


Faith and science. Jesper

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Workshops: – The Holy Spirit in everyday life – Workshop. Ulf Dagerbrant

– God, the Internet and me. Andreas Skog

15.00-17: 00 Booked a gymnasium next to the church. You can play hockey or volleyball or take a walk outdoors. Have access to a shower (the only time during the weekend!).

17:30 Dinner

19:00 Evening meeting. Stig Åsbringer and Elisabeth Åström preach. Worship song by Linus with the team.



Ecumenical worship celebration – Saturday March 28th at 18:00

This semesters third ecumenical worship celebration for both children and adults. Come and worship together in the Salvation Army. Many musicians and worship leaders are involved this Saturday night and we have great expectations of what God will do among us.


Sunday Service – Sunday 29th of March at 16:00

We celebrate Sunday Service together with lots of worship, snacks, sermon, children’s church, prayer and a lot more! Come and expect to meet God and a lot of wonderful people. We will finish the serie about the kingdom of God in our theme “Jesus” and focus on how the conflict between the different kingdoms looks in reality.



Our Church on Social Media

The congregation is working to become more visible so that more people can find out that we exist. Quite often we ask ourselves how the new ones have found out that we exist and we are always surprised 🙂 However, we try to becoming more visible and a way to do this is to appear on social media. Right now we are at the following locations:

The church has a facebook group called “Vineyard Umeå”

We also have a twitter account called “@umeavineyard”

We have a website that you can find on

and so we have this information, email.


Please spread these channels so more people can know that we exist and what we are doing during the weeks.


Blessings to you

/Ulf Dagerbrant