John Wimber was one of the early protagonists of the Vineyard movement and became its leader for many years. He was a master of so-called “one-liners”. We have collected some of the many that have become winged words in and outside the Vineyard movement. These one-liners also make sure that you get a feel for what the Vineyard movement is about. Some of the expressions are used by many and quite sure the origin is difficult to be but John used them a lot and they have come to represent the core values of the Vineyard movement.

“Belong, believe, behave”

“Doin the stuff”

“Everybody gets to play”

“Faith is spelled R-I-S-K”

“I’m just a fat/angry man trying to get to heaven”

“Naturally supernatural”

“Planning is everything, the plan is nothing”

“Stick to the main and the plain”

“The meat is in the street”

“The Vineyard is only one vegetable in the stew”