Hello friends!
This Sunday we had planned Sunday Worship Service. Now it is not so because Frälsis will be busy. Instead, we gather at Ålidhem Centrum in Dalkarlsås place (the same place as Björkstakyrkan uses). We gather to worship and to pray. It is very long time since we had a proper prayer meeting together, so now is the time! 🙂
Right now, the Church stands in the very beginning of something very exciting and new. The adventure we talked about last spring has begun. The train is rolling and it is just to jump on! At the same time it is as usual. When God does great things in our midst, the pressure from outside increases. The Devil and his companions do not like when God’s people stand up and start to receive and share the things of God. It is time to pray! We are going to pray for the Church, for protection and blessing over each other, for the leadership of the church, for Umeå and northern Sweden. If for some reason you can not be with us, you can pray and ask for these things there you are after 3 pm on Sunday.
This is therefore a very important occasion and the start of a prayerfunction in our congregation that we have been in need of a long time, but now the need is urgent. Come and join in!
We meet as usual at 3:00pm but at Ålidhem Centre, into the farthest corner.
Warm welcome!
/ Ulf