Summer is coming to maybe not an end, but at least the fall semester begins and so does the churches Sunday meetings! At last !! The first time is already on this coming Sunday and we meet at 16:00 in Frälsningsarmen. We begin the fall semester in the same way as we finished the spring, with a barbecue. There will also be some teaching by Emil and we will bless him before he goes of to Africa. It is a potluck   but there is coffee, tea and some simple biscuits. Please bring food so it lasts to someone else who may have forgotten or have not been able to buy anything.
Summer home groups continues for 3 more weeks. (2/9 of the Browns, 9/9 of the Petersons and 16/9 of Wiljebrands).
The Churches camp will be on 18-20 of September and Henrik and Olja is coming to visit. They have been with us before and that was very much appreciated. The camp costs any amount between 250kr and 650kr. according to what you can pay. Children over five years costs 100kr. This includes all meals and lodging during the weekend. It is almost as if to save money to go 🙂 Registration is done by paying the entry fee to the Churches pg. 1408994-0 and send an email to ulf.dagerbrant@vineyard.se and announce how many you will be and how many of those that are children. If you have difficulty paying the fee so do not hesitate to get in touch with Ulf. No one should be left behind because of economy.
See you on SUNDAY then we will tell you more about the semester ahead!
/ Ulf