Excuse the large letters but I really look forward to seeing you all again and I’m looking forward to an exciting new semester with Umeå Vineyard. We will begin on Sunday with a kickoff at 3 pm.
David has promised to make all the soup and garlic bread so dinner is fixed, then there will be some talk and praying about the Church’s future, focus and vision. A sort of vision-, or forum-day, one might say, where everyone gets to speak.
It will be a good, fun, interesting, and important day for both you and for the Church. Come and say what you think and come and listen to what others think. Together we also listen to the Holy Spirit and maps out the way forward! Are you new in the Church or if you are thinking of being involved or if you know someone who is doing this, it is also a very good opportunity to get to know the Chuch better.
The theme of the spring will be about coming into function, both as individual Christians and as a church. Being on this kick-off might be an important part of it. An exciting start to an exciting spring.
See you on Sunday! at 3 pm! Oaten!
/ Ulf