We are closing in to the weekend and what a wonderful weekend it will be. On Saturday it is finally time for the conference day “Closer to Jesus,” about worship and the Bible. We have very great and interesting speakers and worship leaders invited. Or how about Åsa and Micke Fhinn, (try searching “Micke Fhinn” on YouTube or Spotify and see something of what he has written), David Willgren and Lasse Petersson and others. If you can not come during the day, do not miss the worship celebration in the evening  at 6pm. Micke and Åsa Fhinn start the evening together with the whole worship course from Dalkarlså Folkhögskola. It certainly looks to be a feast in every sense before the face of Jesus.
On Sunday, we have church service at 3pm, with childrens church and fika and prayer and teaching, and everything else that comes with it. Do not miss this either, and why not bring a friend. Mike Fhinn leads the worship.
/ Ulf