Here’s a quick update on what’s happening in Umeå Vineyard this weekend.

Today (Saturday) at 16:00  Korskyrkan and we together organizes a seminar called Dare to dream. It’s about what happens to us when  life doesn’t really turns out as we thought and planned and how we can find a way out and forward. More info is available elsewhere on the website. It will be really good!

On Sunday at 15:00 we celebrate Communion and pray together. Erik holds the Communion and Jonas M is playing. Every time we celebrate Communion as a congregation we have a moneybox available. There you can put in up to 50kr (or less) if you have some left over, or take some money if you currently have too little. It’s a small symbolic act to remind us that we belong to each other and have responsibility and care for one another in the congregation. We are one body, the body of Christ, on this earth.


/ Ulf