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Vineyard Weekly News – 2017.04.28

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Hello As usual, it happens a lot in the church and in our individual lives 🙂 During the weekend, Anna and I went to Jävre outside Piteå to preach in Kustkyrkan where Marcus and Ida are. They sent there greetings to everyone in Umeå Vineyard and it was really fun to see a rather large […]

Vineyard Weekly News – 2017.04.12 (Easter)

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Hello This week is characterized bit of tranquility. Last week’s blessed visit of BSSM (Wednesday) and the family Sandström (Sunday), together with terrorist attacks and an approaching Easter created a certain need for rest and recovery. Do take the opportunity to relax and rest in the presence of our Father during the week to come. […]

Vineyard Weekly News – 2017.04.04

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Hi A lot of exciting things are happening in the church this week. To begin with, we have a large team from Bethel in Redding California visitingon Wednesday. The schedule for this is to be found in a special FB event and on our homepage To begin with we are in Vasa kyrkan at […]