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Church Camp!

by Ulf Dagerbrant

If you have not signed up for camp yet, it is very important that you do so as soon as possible. It has to do with shopping and other  planning and preperations. This years Camp promises (just as last year) to be something extra. Right now we are all by all 54 people who will take part […]

Service today at 4pm

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Today we finally have Sunday worship together again after the summer !!! It is the first church service after the summer and the time and place is the usual one, at 4:00 pm in Frälsis. There will be fika, teaching and worship with Johan Johan Sundqvist who is visiting from Stockholm. I will also talk about the […]

We start up again!

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Hello Summer is coming to maybe not an end, but at least the fall semester begins and so does the churches Sunday meetings! At last !! The first time is already on this coming Sunday and we meet at 16:00 in Frälsningsarmen. We begin the fall semester in the same way as we finished the […]

Vineyard Norden Summit

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Right now, I, Elley, Tomas, Marie-Louise and Oskar are attending the Vineyard Nordic Summit in Copenhagen. We went down by car, and right now we listen to lots of exciting teaching, meet interesting people and enjoying the spring weather down here. The theme for the gathering is “Imagine Church” and it is a lot about how […]

Valborg hos Wiljebrands

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Hello! Its soon Valborg and as our tradition sais we celebrate the arrival of spring together with grillknytis, bonfire, quiz and other fun stuff at our place! Just bring the food you want to eat and drink and if you take a little extra we can all share together. We will fix tea and coffee so that even […]

Mail from John in Kasempa

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Some days ago the church received an email from Kasempa and John who works there. Below you can read what he writes. Pictures will be available in the photo gallery.   Dear Umea Vineyard, I hope you are doing fine by God’s grace we are also doing fine through your help and prayers. I just […]

Vineyard Weekly News – 2015.04.21

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Tuesday – Celebrate Recovery 18:00 Tuesday – Churchleadersmeeting 20:00 Wednesday – Home groups Thursday – UKR Council meeting Saturday – Ecumenical Prayer for Umeå 10:30 Saturday – Ecumenical Worship Celebration 18:00 in Frälsis Sunday – Worship 16:00 in Frälsis During the weekend we had a joint arrangement with the Salvation Army. Commander Rolf Roos was […]

Vineyard Weekly News – 2015.04.17

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Saturday – 3pm Miniconference together with frälsis. Teaching about how to live in the  spirit. Don’t miss it! Söndag –  11am Worship Service together with frälsis                  12:30pm Church lunch together                  4pm Communion at frälsis

Vineyard Weekly News – 2015.04.08

by Ulf Dagerbrant

Tuesday – Celebrate Recovery Wednesday – home groups Thursday – Alpha Saturday – Prayer for Umeå 10:30 Frälsis Sunday – Worship 16:00 in Frälsis with visit by Michael Grenholm from Uppsala Also this week it will be a little smaller Vineyard Weekly. We have had a fantastic Easter with lots of exciting meetings and church […]

Mad as a Hatter

by Jacob de Leur

Now when it’s Easter, and after yesterday having celebrated Jesus’s last supper with His disciples, this quote I found on the internet from Frederick Buechner seems appropriate: “If the world is sane, then Jesus is mad as a hatter and the Last Supper is the Mad Tea Party. The world says, Mind your own business, and […]