(Updated 2016-01-20)

Saturday 13/2 2016, we have the privilege to be invited to a full day completely circling around praise, worship and the Bible. We call it “closer to Jesus”. (Download the poster here).

We have invited some amazing speakers and worship leaders to inspire, challenge, equip and encourage us.

On this page you can find information about the program, speakers, registration procedure, payment and some other stuff that might be useful to know. If you want to stay the whole weekend that is also possible. Micke Fhinn is leading worship and preaching at the church service in Umeå Vineyard at 3 pm on Sunday.

Preliminary program


 Notification, food and payment

Registration is done most easily by paying the registration fee of 200 SEK to PG. 1408994-0. You can also swish the payment to number 1236539357. The cost includes not only teaching but also refreshments in the morning and afternoon and lunch.

If you have food allergies or other things that are good for us to know about, you can email this to Ulf Dagerbrant on ulf.dagerbrant@vineyard.se.

Mark the payment with “Closer to Jesus.” Also write if you intend to follow seminar track one or two. The choice of seminar is not binding but it will help us to plan for the groups. We need your application no later than the 8th of February.

Choose workshops

We will have two seminar tracks. You does not have to follow the same track all the time but it can be a little easier to understand the context if you are doing that.

Track 1 is led by Åsa and Mike Fhinn who will address many aspects of being a worship leader. Everything from the first workshop dealing with self-image, image of God and the goal with worship to the more practical and creative craft of leading and writing worship songs.

Track 2 will begin with a seminar about the worshiping congregation held by Lars Petersson. In the afternoon we will then get to immerse ourselves in the Psalms together with David Willgren.


The day will be held at the Salvation Army in Umeå where Umeå Vineyard meet regularly. You will find the place at Kungsgatan 47 in Umeå.

Questions and concerns

If you are thinking of something, do not hesitate to call or email and ask. The easiest way is if you contact Ulf Dagerbrant who is a pastor in Umeå Vineyard. You will reach Ulf on phone +46 73 1531611 or via email ulf.dagerbrant@vineyard.se.


Åsa & Micke Fhinn

Åsa & Micke Fhinn – lives in Uppsala with their three children Joel, Emanuel and Isak. Micke is one of Sweden’s most established worship leader and several of his songs are very well known in Sweden. “Allt som du har sagt”, “Tacka Herren för Han är god”, “Under ett vattenfall” and “Nu jag böjer mig ner” are some of the more famous songs. Micke has previously served as the worship pastor of the Vineyard for many years with his wife Åsa. They stand together in the service and a passion to see Worship and creativity in all its forms come to life in the congregation. Normally works both as a music teacher in elementary school and Micke is also active as one of the main teachers of Worship line on Dalkarlså college outside of Umeå. Mike’s latest album Wonderful Days was released in 2013 and contains the praises of a more personal nature interspersed with brukslovsånger of worship and proclamation. A mixture that has become something of something Micke’s hallmark.

Lasse 2013

Lasse Petersson – Veteran in Swedish Christian music. Began in 1983 as a producer at Cantio and worked there with many artists including Freda, Bileams Åsna, Tomas Boström and Charlotte Höglund. 1985 he started the distribution company Viva Music and ran the record label Viva Records until 1999 when he moved from Stockholm to Umeå. He served as pastor of a newly established congregation and started in 2000 David Media. Married to Sara and has 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Love sports of all shapes and are Djurgården faithful despite more than a decade in Umeå. Lars is since 2013 ambassador for Compassion Ministries.

David WillgrenDavid Willgren – is a teacher of biblical studies and is soon to complete a doctorate in Old Testament exegesis at the University of Lund. He is writing a thesis on Psalms. David has worked as a pastor in the EFK.



Elsa Rydin

Elsa Rydin – songwriter and worship leader, lives in Umeå since 1999. Happily married to Gunnar and they have four children together, of whom 2 is still living at home. Elsa lives to worship Jesus and to lead others into the presence of Jesus. Her life motto is “To love and honor God and make Him known”. Greatest joys beyond God and family are flowers and song writing. Many of Elsa’s newly written songs are available on www.elsarydin.se Her most widespread song is called “I din närhet” and is published by David Media. It is also available in the Swedish hymn book No. 757 (Verbum). Most widespread newer songs are: “We turn our hearts to You, Jesus” and “Jesus, I love You, Jesus.”