Församlingen har för ett tag sedan fått mail från Kasempa och John som arbetar där. Nedan kan du läsa vad han skriver. Bilder kommer att finnas i fotogalleriet.


Dear Umea Vineyard,

I hope you are doing fine by God’s grace we are also doing fine through your help and prayers.

I just want to give you a briefly statement of what we are doing as a church.

We are looking after six (6) orphans at the moment 2 are at the University the rest are Vulnerable, below are the names of the Orphans. Our prayer is that God would somehow provide the provision we are praying for regarding feeding program

  1. Boas Chimwisha
  2. Mathews Chimwisha
  3. Ntapa Kilunguzha
  4. Margret Kayembe
  5. Joseph Kalusopa
  6. Rose Chimwisha.
  7. We are also feeding the Lepers in the lepers Village they are about 32.  I have attached the new photos of both the lepers and Orphans.  We manage because of working together with Umea Vineyard.

May the good Lord we save bless you all.

John Chilengi.

Compassionate Vineyard.